Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Neues Jahr - Neue Maschine

Wünsche noch allen die meinen Blog besuchen, ein erfolgreiches, zufriedenes und gesundes Jahr 2009. Mein Weihnachtsgeschenk ist soeben eingetroffen: die neueste Maschine von Husqvarna- Designer Diamond! für die nächsten Tage bin ich sehr beschäftigt.... A happy New Year for all who read my blog... I proudly present my Christmas present which came this afternoon: the newest machine from Husqvarna- the Designer Diamond! I know what to do the next days.....


Reflection Through The Seasons hat gesagt…

Hello..... Happy New year to you..... Thank you for your recent comment, I was very pleased to hear from you.

Wow! what fabulous quilts you make, I must spend time looking back through your blog.... I see you have been blogging since October.

I have to say I have fallen in love with your cats... so gorgeous, what are their names and breed, I would like to know please...... Is one a Rag-Doll?

Also congratulations! so you are now the proud owner of a new sewing machine.... a Husqvarna, how wonderful. I remember so well the feeling I had when I purchased my new Singer.... I think about two years ago, it was wonderful..... still is!

Have a great day - Marion

Murgelchen94 hat gesagt…

Kann ich nachvollziehen, dass Du erst mal wech bist.